Thursday, October 4, 2007

The LeBlancs Arrive in France

We left Calgary after a week-long rush of packing and tying up all the loose ends needed before an international move. All this despite the fact that we have been preparing for this move for months. A big thank you to all our friends who helped move furniture, agreed to store things for us indefinitely, and who are providing us with Canadian television while here in France.
Our trip to Pau was long: we left Calgary early Wednesday morning & arrived late Friday night. However long, we made the most of it. Our flight from Toronto to Frankfurt was on Air Canada's new planes. Each person flying in executive class has their own cubicle with a chair that reclines into a bed. It was the most pleasurable flight, complete with champagne and a four course meal.
Our 36 hours in Geneva was spent strolling the streets and window shopping in their wonderful shops. Geneva is known for their watch manufacturing, and they certainly are proud of that heritage. There are many, many watch shops and the names of the large companies adorn the city's buildings and are lit up at night. Gilles, being a watch lover, thought Geneva was wonderful. It also helped that Geneva is famous for one of Gilles' other favourite things: chocolate.
Since arriving in Pau, things have not really slowed down. We are trying to muttle through the language, and setting up the essentials of moving to a new town: television, internet, telephone, etc.
Yesterday, we picked our cats up at the Toulouse airport. Now our whole family is here. They had a difficult travel, from Calgary to Vancouver (with a week-long stay there) to Amsterdam, then Toulouse. They are brave little boys! They are slowly settling in, but are clearly happy to be with us again.

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