Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beach Day!

We took advantage of the sunny weather last weekend, and headed to the beach Sunday afternoon. We went to Biarritz, probably the most well-known beach on the French South Atlantic Coast (Basque Coast). It is the closest beach to us, but we rarely go there because it is more of a surfing beach than a swimming beach. But since it is still too cool to swim, we thought we would pay it a visit.

It may have been too cool to swim, but apparently it was not too cool to sunbathe...at least according to the many people soaking up the rays in skimpy bathing suits. It was a comfortable fifteen degrees, cool enough for a sweater, but not if you are a die-hard tanner. Most Southern Europeans have not received the message about skin cancer!

Xavier practiced his new skill of sitting while playing in the sand. After awhile his legs and feet were buried in sand, helping stabilize the still wobbly sitter. Thankfully, his grasping skills are not fine-tuned enough to succeed in getting sand into his mouth!

Oh, and Gilles couldn't stop laughing about the quintuple-moon we received on the way there!


Dorothy Schultz said...

no way!! Is that for real or is it one of those window posters? How would you even have the camera ready at the perfect time? Wow glad to see you blogging again.


April said...

Yup...a totally real full moon! We slowed down so I could take a picture-it was hilarious!