Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leaving Friends

After leaving Calgary a couple of weeks ago, we returned to France with heavy hearts. As with our visit there almost two years ago, we were reminded that seeing our friends makes us realize how much we miss them. We always have a wonderful time with them during our stay, but inevitably we have to leave. This time it hit Gilles harder than after our first visit. He said he does not miss his Calgary work life, but really does miss our friends. I told him to give it a week and he would feel at home in France again. Sure enough, he went to the market last Saturday and returned saying that he didn’t know how we could ever leave France. But wine, bread, and cheese may not satisfy us forever….

A heartfelt thank-you to everyone that welcomed us into their home while we were in Canada. The Schultzs cooked for us while we were in Vancouver, and we weren’t even staying in their house! But a trip home would never be complete without Darcy’s wings and ribs! Thanks to the Duncans for welcoming us into their home in Calgary. It was great to finally meet Liam, who shared all his toys with Xavier. And thanks to the Jupps for throwing us a great party. We wouldn’t have been able to see many of our friends had it not been for them. And it was also great to finally meet little Eric Jupp. There will be lots of friends for Xavier if/when we move back to Calgary!

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