Thursday, April 3, 2008

French Genes

After an observant seven months in France, I now feel comfortable pointing out two physical traits that most French people exhibit. My sociological study is based purely on my own observations, yet I believe the results would stand more rigorous testing. And as with any culture assumption, there are certainly French people who do not fit this mold (although the non-conformists are few and far between).

Now that I have stated my disclaimers: most French people have the genes for skinny legs and big noses.

As for skinny legs, you may be thinking that most French people are at their ideal weight, or even skinny, so of course they have skinny legs. But there’s a difference. I am not talking about thin legs or ‘normal legs’. I mean skinny-like-twigs legs. I sometimes wonder how they support the person on top. Legs that inspired the skinny-leg jeans style. Legs that sometimes make skinny jeans look baggy! Ugh!

There is not much that I can say about the big nose, except it’s big. And it appears to increase in size with age. I also noted this characteristic on Italians, so perhaps it is a southern European trait.

Where do I fit in? I clearly possess neither skinny legs nor a big nose. Any French genes in my past have clearly been diluted. My lack of skinny legs and a big nose, along with my freckles and blond hair, clearly identify me as non-French. While I am quite fond of my cute little nose and would never wish it away, I wouldn’t have minded dipping into the skinny legs gene. After all, those genes would make it much easier to buy French jeans!

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Anonymous said...

That's the best post yet. Jeff and I got a laugh out of that one.