Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snow Seekers

What is the opposite of a snowbird? Well, whatever it is, that is how we have been feeling lately. When we set upon this adventure to live in France, we could not have predicted what things we would miss from home. Turns out, it’s winter. Now, I realize that those of you who have suffered through this week’s deep freeze in Alberta would gladly trade places with me, and find yourself sipping on a cocktail in my sunny backyard. Or even better, trade places with Gilles and be sunning yourself on a beach in Gabon. But believe it or not, we would like to trade places with you! Well, maybe not on a day when the windchill is -50°C, but you get the drift.

To cure our atypical winter blues, we are heading to Chamonix/Mont Blanc in the French Alps this weekend for some snow fun. We’ll spend our days skiing, snowshoeing, skating, and rolling in the snow. Now, I am not anticipating our trip to be as warm and fuzzy as our past snowshoeing experiences with friends in Alberta. Those trips were made memorable by good company, snowbank beer, elusive lakes, kamikaze jumps, and dizzying heights (not recommended for those who have just given blood!). We’ll reminisce about those great times as we explore a new set of mountains, and hopefully finish the days off with a comforting cheese fondue. Mmmmm…cheese!

I’ll post some photos of our trip once we return. For now, enjoy some photos from the past.

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